How To Choose a Dream Wedding Venue!

Rawlings Conservatory exterior
Rawlings Conservatory exterior

Once that unbelievable sparkly rock is on your finger, it’s time to start looking for the dream wedding venue.

With so many gorgeous options in Maryland and the surrounding areas, it can be overwhelming as you begin to search online for the perfect place to tie the knot. Pour a glass of vino, and let’s look at what you need to consider as you start wedding venue shopping.

First, you need to decide how many people you will invite. You can’t fall in love with a venue that is too small to host your best day ever. Look for a venue big enough for the number of guests you have invited, not how many you expect will attend. Trust us when we say everyone will want to be there to celebrate your love story.

If you want to get married outside, always ensure there is a nice backup venue in case of rain.

Now that the practical issues are out of the way, you can begin the fun part of shortlisting your favorite venues that could suit your needs.

External Photo of Elmwood Bed breakfast
Attempt to make a short list of 5 – 10 venues to reach out to

The kind of response you receive online can mirror the service you can expect throughout the wedding planning process. Are the staff friendly and helpful? Do they reply to emails in a reasonable time? Are they answering your burning questions to your satisfaction?

Next, you should book in-person inspections to see venues in real life. Your favorite venue online might not be top of the list after you visit. Sometimes there is an unexplainable reason you like a place (or don’t). Perhaps we can put down to the atmosphere, vibe or energy levels.

In the Maryland area, engaged couples really are spoiled for choice with wonderful wedding venues. Places like The Historic 1840s Plaza in Baltimore and Historic London Town and Garden in Edgewater are pretty appealing. Chesapeake Bay Beach Club in Pasadena and Milton Ridge in Clarksburg are also wonderful wedding spots just to name a few. Another beautiful venue is Rawlings Conservatory, which I am VERY familiar with! 😉 There are hundreds of other quality options depending on what your budget and dream wedding looks like!

Take your time to find a wedding venue that you absolutely adore, and as always, if you need to reach out for any wedding-related advice, I’m here and happy to help!

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