Rawlings Conservatory Wedding, A Floral Dream.

The Rawlings Conservatory is straight out of the Victorian era. Nestled on the west side of Druid Hill Park. When you enter, you realize that it is one of Baltimore’s best-kept secrets. Megan and Zach figured out this secret long before most of us did. Their Rawlings Conservatory wedding is easily one of my favorites I’ve ever photographed.

an outside photo of Rawlings conservatory.

There are five distinct areas within the conservatory. The 1888 Palm House, the Orchid Room, Mediterranean House, Tropical House, and Desert House. The conservatory is also on the National Register of Historic Places.

A Rawlings Conservatory wedding can spark the creativity they might have had locked away and with its eye-catching floral flourishes, the possibility of the images that you can create will no doubt offer a breathtaking visual feast for all to enjoy.

The Rawlings Conservatory is, without a doubt, Baltimore’s charm.

Capturing the intimacy of the moments your couples will want on this is effortless. The ambition, the flow, the ingenuity, and the distinction all make this glass castle feel right at home and if for no other reason, because it is one of the nation’s last remaining glass botanical conservatories.

Megan and Zach allowed me to be fortunate enough to capture their day in this wonderland of palm leaves and orchids. They used the 1888 Palm House to host the ceremony. The setting was very unique and special in every way. Gathered in a circle surrounded by their closest family and friends they tied the knot.

the bride and grooms first kiss at rawlings conservatory.

The Entire Property is Magical.

The flowers and plants from all around the world nestled in a habitat that fosters their growth and beauty. Plants from many countries and continents can be found there. From Africa to China and even the South American Rainforest and even the world’s deserts. These plants found their home in the conservatory and botanical gardens.

The architecture at Rawlings Conservatory is also something to talk about. There are numerous features of historic stonewalls and mosaic tiles that come together beautifully to create picturesque sceneries. A stone plaza at the conservatory’s entrance decked with mosaic tiles will set the tone of what is to come on the rest of the property. There is an elegantly placed sundial made of granite and bronze that can be found in the gardens. It records the time for several places to include Baltimore and Rio de Janeiro.

If you are looking for a memorable yet environmentally friendly location for your wedding or just to produce some creative pieces for your photography portfolio, The Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory and Botanical Gardens should be on your list.

a portrait of the bride and groom at rawlings conservatory

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